New Scenarios

"For all experienced traffic planners there are now four brand-new additional bonus cities that are not even comprised in the Gold Edition and challenge anew your capabilities as an entrepreneur." Non English speaking countries have to live with english map descriptions, but work with their version.

  Download Lakefield (1.086 KB)
  Download Lucky Island (939 KB)
  Download Panwood (940 KB)
  Download Twinkerton (1.213 KB)

Are you always looking for something new for your Windows desktop? Here you will find two suitable motifs for Traffic Giant.

Choose the desired picture size and unpack the zip file into the windows-folder. Now click on the desktop with the right mousebutton, choose properties, then background, then select the downloaded image as your new desktop-background.

Windows Wallpaper No. 1
  Download 800x600 (1.137 KB)
  Download 1024x768 (1.893 KB)
  Download 1280x1024 (3.066 KB)
Windows Wallpaper No. 2
  Download 800x600 (1.231 KB)
  Download 1024x768 (1.997 KB)
  Download 1280x1024 (3.302 KB)