[Sounds familiar? The train was late. The bus was full. You had to fight your way to the front of the queue at the bus-stop.
Using public transport is never fun.

The results: you left your date waiting, missed your business appointment and didn't have a credible excuse.

[Now you can put an end to all that! Manage your own transport company and show that you can do a better job of it!
Control a fleet of busses and a railway network, make lots of money and
keep your passengers happy.

[Your beginnings are modest and you start with just one bus line. Set down your route and buy a couple of busses - they don't have to be the very latest models - and announce the ticket prices. Then your first revenues will start coming in.

Wait a minute!
Only a few people are making their way to the bus-stop? Well, perhaps it would have been better after all to have checked where they wanted to go to. That short ring route around the cathedral was not such a good idea after all.

[A simple mouse click on a building or a vehicle will tell you what the destinations are. Make a note of the information you need. Once you have a profitable line, you will generate enough funds to run trams and trains. Be honest: when it comes to prestige objects like a mag-lev railway, are you really worried about the costs?

[Large cities give you the chance to experiment. The behaviour patterns of each inhabitant - and there can be up to 40,000 - are simulated precisely. If you don't believe that, ask one. He will tell you if he is on his way to work, where he spends his spare-time and where his children go to school. He might also tell you that he would prefer to take the tram, but at these prices and with such impolite staff, well....
Perhaps your next advertising campaign will make him buy one of those overpriced tickets.

[It is even fun just to sit and watch this realistic simulation.
The clear and easy to understand game structure and the easy to use interface make it simple for even the beginner to get into this game


- Two entirely different game modes.
- Realistic and accurately detailed graphics with screen resolution from 800x600 to 1280x1024 pixels in colour.
- Enormous cities with as many as 40,000 inhabitants.
- City traffic with thousands of vehicles and pedestrians.
- The behavioural habits and needs of the population are realistically simulated.
- Over 500 different buildings.


- Over 25 different means of transport.
- Clearly presented interface for easy to control game play.
- Interesting campaigns and endless games.
- Adjustable difficulty levels for beginners and experienced players.
- Intelligent computer opponents for exciting games.
- Multiplayer mode for up to four players.

[System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 95/98
- Pentium II 266 (100% IBM compatible)
- 32 MB RAM
- 2 MB graphic card (min. 800x600 in HiColor)
- CD-ROM drive (4 speed)
- Mouse
- Sound card optional
- DirectX 7.0

Recommended system]

- Microsoft Windows 95/98
- Pentium II 266 (100% IBM compatible)
- 32 MB RAM
- 4 MB graphic card (for resolution of 1024x768 in HiColor)
- CD-ROM drive (24 speed)
- Mouse
- Sound card
- DirectX 7.0